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We offer additional items in our ProGrams Sports Systems eBay store. Select any of the following links to view eBay pages of interest. Use the back arrow on the eBay toolbar when you wish to return to this web site.

ULTRAK Timing Systems features two ULTRAK multi-event 2000-memory printing stopwatches and the ULTRAK L10 multi-lane timer with printer and Windows interface. The L10 can be used to time track races with up to 10 lanes as well as road races (cross country, 10K's, marathons, etc.) with up to 8,000 participants.

SEIKO Printing Timers features both the SEIKO S143 300-lap memory stopwatch with optional printer and the SEIKO S149 all-in-one printing stopwatch. The S149 is regarded as the standard for main and backup timing across the world!

Timing System Supplies provides our customers with accessories and supplies for maintenance and operation of products that we sell at SOS-SWIM.COM and our eBay store. This includes carrying cases, replacement batteries, and rolls of thermal printer paper for our lineup of ULTRAK and SEIKO stopwatches and timing systems.

Portable LCD Scoreboards provides a variety of battery powered, RF-controlled, portable Ultrak scoreboards. The selection includes the popular T-100 LCD display timer, two multi-sport RF-controlled scoreboards, a volleyball scoreboard, and a shot clock with large 4-inch LCD digits.

Digital Count-Down Timers offers a variety of timers with special features including a simple timer with extra-large 1.25” digits, another timer with dual memory and dual displays, and our ultimate Ultrak T-5 vibrating timer. The T-5 features user-selectable vibrate or beep alarms and the ability to count up or count down to 100 hours with one-second resolution.

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