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Six-Lane ULTRAK L10+CASE6B Printing Timer with 6 Lane Buttons and Carrying Case

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Product Description

Click here for ULTRAK L10 Instructions  (PDF Document)

View MultiLane Upload Program Manual  (PDF Document)


The basic ULTRAK L10-XC multi-lane timing system with one lane button can be used to record up to 8000 times in the road-race mode (e.g., cross country, 10K races, or marathons). It can also be operated in the track-race mode by plugging additional lane buttons into the linkgate provided with the basic system to time participants in up to ten lanes. Optional accessories include a custom carrying case and additional lane buttons which can be used to replace damaged lane buttons, to upgrade 6-lane or 8-lane timers to 10-lane units, or as spare buttons (Note also that extra lane buttons can be used to time road races with multiple distances and/or start times to differentiate runners in each race).

This listing adds an ULTRAK L10-CASE to our L10-6B six-lane timer to provide a way to store, organize, and protect your timing system. This gives you the basic timer with built-in printer, the linkgate, six lane buttons, the built-in printer, the Windows Interface, and the carrying case. Click on the transfer button on the right to buy individual lane buttons for spares and replacements or to upgrade multi-lane timing systems. Other supplies offered in our online store include thermal printer paper for L10 timers and carrying cases.

The L10-CASE is a zippered customized soft carrying case designed to hold the timer, linkgate, computer interface cable, and up to ten lane buttons. For your convenience, the first transfer button on the right provides a shortcut to a web page that offers the same system without the carrying case. In addition, you can review listings for eight-lane or ten lane versions of this system (with or without carrying cases) by using the last button on the right to transfer you to our L10 Home Page where you can select one of our other options.

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